Panele szklane harmonijkowe F1

Salinox’s FI is a folding door system of interconnected glass panels, coupled with each other using hinges. Pulling out the first panel, the others will follow. It is a simple and functional system, ideal for relatively small openings, such as shop windows, room space partitioning, screens and wherever else communicating spaces may need to be, at times, securely isolated from each other and then brought back together in a very simple, untiring manner. Panels are suspended and move along a fixed rail on the ceiling, using rollers which provide easy, smooth and quite movement. There is no need for additional floor railing while panels are secured to a standstill with locks or floor latches. Door dimensions vary, ranging up to 85cm in width and up to 280cm in height. Every panel is equipped with aluminum profiles safely holding a 10mm uniform tempered crystal glass surface (or 5+4mm tempered triplex glass without holes or notches) - Salinox’s patented crystal support technique No. 1004694). Sealing between doors is achieved with transparent polycarbonate or aluminum fitments between the crystal and the aluminum profile, while sealing between doors and walls is achieved with vertical aluminum fitments that bear synthetic insulating brushes. Top and bottom aluminum profiles are also equipped with the same type of brushes to seal off any minor gaps and ensure a watertight result.