Panele szklane harmonijkowe F4 Thermo

F4 Thermo is an improved version of the F4 Elite system, with respect to its thermic insulation properties. It is the ideal combination for maximum insulation, watertightness, and soundproofing, since any space enclosed with a F4 Thermo system can, even under extreme weather conditions, maintain steady temperature levels. At the same time, the F4 thermo is as aesthetically pleasing as the F4 Elite, the only difference being slightly thicker frames and a sligthly bulkier rail track driver, in order to accomodate these improvements. The F4 Thermo is thus applicable in the same type of spaces as the F4 Elite, i.e. ideal for spaces where soundproofing and thermal insulation are crucial - spaces close to busy roads, night-clubs, conservatories, offices and library carrels. Eco-friendly, energy-saving, the F4 Τhermo system will significantly contribute to the upgrade of the energy efficiency factor of a building. The F4 Thermo system consists of autonomous framed glass doors, with double crystal glass inside a 38mm chamber: (laminate 4+4) + (gap 20mm) + (laminate 3+3). An even more integrated solution is the option of placing window shades between the glass surfaces. Vertical profiles are designed to lock into each other in a male-female profile coupling manner, eliminating all intermediate gaps, and finally rubber gaskets are added for a completely airtight sealing. On horizontal profiles sealing is achieved with spring bars. Between the surrounding walls and the framed glass panels, an additional profile case is also used, for even better insulation and an aesthetically pleasing result. The sum of these, as well as other, design specifications, result in an impressive total heat transfer coefficient Uv of 1.74W/m2K. Each panel is autonomous and the number of panels is virtually unlimited. The sliding door function is an option for all intermediate doors. Any sliding panel can also be turned into an opening door upon request with an additional horizontal 105mm profile which encloses the mechanism. Sliding panels lock with latches placed on the vertical profile to make locking easier. Door movement is quiet and smooth, as panels move along a rail fixed on the ceiling, and can be parked in to a predetermined area for remote storage without an additional floor rail.