Panele szklane harmonijkowe F5

Salinox’s folding glass door system F5 is a flexible construction which can support an unlimited number of independent panels. These panels are uniform single glass surfaces, hosted within a discrete aluminum frame for improved insulation. The system’s elegant appearance and flexible design, means it can be applied to big openings in spaces such as window shop facades, terrace perimeters, office spaces, pool side bars etc. F5 doors consist of discrete aluminum frames which enclose glass of 10mm to 12mm in widhth, either laminate or tempered. The folding wall moves soundlessly along a track rail fixed on the ceiling, and each of its constituent panels can be separated, removed, repositioned and parked independently in to a predetermined parking area, without needing an additional floor track rail. Vertical profiles are designed to lock into each other in a male-female profile coupling manner, eliminating all intermediate gaps, and finally rubber gaskets are added for a completely airtight sealing. Additional insulation along the construction’s top and bottoms ends is achieved with rubber stripes. The system’s suspended driver dimensions are 60mm by 53mm and both top and bottom profiles supporting the glass surface have an individual height of only 54mm. The maximum height of each panel can be 250cm, with a maximum width of 100cm. Panels move effortlessly and quietly on the track rail, and they are secured on the floor with latches or locks. They can be parked in to predetermined area, without the use of additional floor railing. Glass panel dimensions reach up to 250cm in height, and 100cm in width. They are single 10mm tempered glass surfaces, or 5+4 laminated-tempered. Sealing between glass panels, as well as between panels and walls, is achieved by using transparent or aluminum fitments. Top and bottom horizontal profiles can be fitted with special insulation brushes of various sizes.