Panele szklane harmonijkowe FB-CR

Salinox’s FB series is a different family of folding doors, designed specifically for exposed spaces, such as balconies and terraces, for their protection from challenging weather conditions and easy usage. Tempered safety glasses and locks guarantee safety and security, while the system’s minimal design offers an unobstructed view - often needed in such spaces. The FB-cr crystal wall system operates on an adjustable floor rail which can be installed under any metal, wooden and concrete surface, ensuring fast and easy mounting. Panels can slide independently, extending your space’s limits to your choice of distance. Α collector is placed at the bottom end, for the disposal of water. Its panels can be easily moved around and stored aside, without the need for additional rails and deflector beams, completely freeing up the opening and the view. Sealing of gaps in the FBcr between glass panels is provided by transparent polycarbonate fitments, while sealing between the wall and the glass panels is achieved with aluminum profiles. Upper and lower aluminum braces can be fitted with additional insulation brushes which come in different sizes for the complete sealing of minor gaps. Glass door dimensions vary, and can reach a maximum of 75cm in width, and 220cm in height. The glass surfaces used is either tempered or laminate-tempered (5+4mm) without any holes and notches - just as with any other Salinox system.