Panel szklane rozsuwane pionowo - samonośne RW80

Salinox proposes a new, innovative system to meet the needs of contemporary design in the field of construction. The new retractable window RW80 and RW60, complements the range of specialized systems, and offers maximal functionality and ergonomics combined with flush, seamless design. Its design maximizes glass surface, as it does not employ frames. Movement can be achieved either manually or by using an electric motor, with either wired or wireless (remote) control. It is therefore ideal for shop fronts. as it is quickly and easily operated. It will protect any space from hot or cold weather, wind and noisey environments, while in contrast to other systems, it does not require storage (panel parking). Panels are made of either of 10mm tempered glass or 5+4mm laminate tempered, but the oprion of 27mm framed double glass for additional robustness is also available - depending on the construction’s prominent weather conditions and individual needs. The RW80e offers you more control and convenience for the space you may have in mind. It can be connected to an electrical switch which will adjust window opening, or, even more conveniently, it can be remotely controlled.