Świetlik dachowy stały

This impressive, state of the art, slide-opening glazed roof is one of Salinox’s most innovative products; will enable you to fully take advantage of space, under any wheather condition, while providing excellent insulation and protection, without being subjected to structural regulations. Made of special aluminum alloy of outmost quality and internally reinforced with heavy type iron beams, the SGR sliding glazed roof will endure wind, water and snow loads, without jeopardizing your safety and convenience, allowing you to marvel the view above and make use of natural light. The SGR employs a heavy type iron crossbeam, which has an internal water drainage and, optionally, an external gutter profile, while the aluminum alloy can be anodized and painted in a variety of electrostatic coating colours. Its glass is double tempered and laminated structural glass, to ensure maximum safety. The SGR allows for the largest practical pane size, reducing the barrier between the interior and external environment. Automatic electric motors slide the glazing up, revealing up to 2/3 of the opening at will, while ensuring smoothness and quality of movement, further enhancing its aesthetic appeal. Each part of the glass roof can be retracted independently, giving you the option to take advantage Water is efficiently drained from the panes to the peripheral drainage system, ensuring the system’s funtionality under rough weather. The Salinox glass sliding roof is designed with architectural features which bring spaces to life, as it connects internal to external areas, while providing natural light and fresh air at the push of a button.